If you share our values, get onboard.

We will help shape your identity.

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Be part of the journey before, during and after the race

We will deliver presentations on our preparation both physical and mental. Promoting values of team work, determination and the will to succeed will help shape your identity. We will then tell our story after the race.


We will take you to sea 

You will have use of the boat for you and your employees. In a challenging environment we will help develop your teamwork and leadership. Get involved and experience our home for the Atlantic crossing. 



Your branding will be on the boat, team kit, website, social media and print media. This will build your reputation and corporate image. Without you, we couldn't complete the challenge.


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Fitness and healthcare challEnges

We will run fitness challenges at a location of your choice. These fun events will help develop core values of team work and determination. Get fit and active, gain an advantage over your competitors. 


Race coverage. Key stastics.

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